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B.L.A.C.'s Annual
Juneteenth Celebration

Experience the joy of our Annual Juneteenth Celebration, where we embrace family, culture, and unity. Our event is geared towards all ages and is a wonderful opportunity to commemorate this significant day in history. Enjoy various activities, savor delicious food, and delight in live entertainment with your community. Join us as we celebrate freedom and commemorate the progress we've made as a nation.

2024 Vendor Registration is now open!

Community Organizations who are interested in participating, Register Here!


Commemorate History

Juneteenth festival is a time to celebrate our rich history and reflect on the progress we've made towards equality. Join us as we honor the freedom and resilience of our ancestors, and strive towards a brighter future for all.


Support Local Businesses

By supporting local black vendors and food trucks, you can help promote diversity and show your support for the community. From delicious soul food to handmade crafts, there are plenty of amazing options available. So why not make this Juneteenth extra special by showing your support and checking out these fantastic vendors and food trucks?


Showcase Local Talent

The local talent in our community is truly exceptional. We pride in featuring the work of artists, musicians, and creators who call our city home. From live performances to exhibitions, we are committed to providing a platform for our talented neighbors to shine. Join us in celebrating the creativity and passion of our community.

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