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Waterbury Black Business Network

The Waterbury Black Business Network was formed to fulfill the mission of B.L.A.C.'s Economic Sustainability Initiative. The purpose of the Waterbury Black Business Network is to build unity amongst Black business owners, promote and celebrate Black businesses and encourage the sharing of resources within the Black community in order to increase economic power and sustainability within our city.



Education & Outreach

The Waterbury Black Business Network is dedicated to providing cutting-edge educational opportunities tailored for Black-owned businesses. Our innovative programs focus on empowering entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in today's dynamic business landscape. From specialized workshops to tailored mentoring, we equip Black businesses with the tools for success, fostering growth, sustainability, and economic empowerment within our community. Join us in shaping a future where Black-owned businesses thrive through education and support.


Waterbury Black
Business Directory

We are compiling a user-friendly directory of Black-owned businesses and service providers in Waterbury to make it convenient for you to support and engage with the diverse offerings within our community. Stay tuned for a comprehensive list that will showcase the talents, products, and services of Black entrepreneurs in Waterbury. By using this resource, you can discover and connect with a variety of businesses that contribute to the vibrancy and economic growth of our city.



The B.L.A.C. Exchange

Explore our vibrant cultural marketplace filled with unique products and mouthwatering delights from Black-owned businesses. Immerse yourself in a celebration of the rich traditions and exceptional talents that define the Black community. Shop, indulge, and revel in the diversity of offerings that highlight the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of our community. Join us in honoring and supporting Black businesses while experiencing a marketplace that showcases the beauty and essence of our cultural heritage.


Networking Opportunities

The Waterbury Black Business Network offers valuable networking opportunities for Black entrepreneurs. Our platform connects like-minded individuals, fosters collaborations, and cultivates a supportive community for networking and business growth. Join us to expand your network, forge meaningful connections, and unlock new opportunities for success in the vibrant business landscape of Waterbury. Elevate your business and career through the power of networking with the Waterbury Black Business Network.

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